Good putting can be a difference between a low and a high score, making you a winner or a loser. Considering every swing counts to your increase or decrease in the percentage hits with your putter. Having a good ball for putting can have a significant impact on your game as it increases your performance.

For both beginners and experienced players, picking the best golf ball, there is a wide range of balls to choose from and each has something to offer to suit your playing style. Here is what to consider when selecting the best golf ball for putting:

• Hardness/ squidge


Hard balls provide resilience to your impacts allowing you to apply more power for the longer drives, though this comes at the cost of accuracy. Softer balls, on the other hand, absorbs slight errors that you may make and therefore increase accuracy at the expense of power.

• Layers and dimples

Single-layer one-piece golf balls are suitable for pure power and are ideal for range balls while two-layer balls more forgiving and suitable for beginners.

Golf balls with more dimples create less drag allowing them to travel further than balls with fewer dimples.Having the best ball on the green alone is not enough to guarantee that you will have the best putting. Other equally important factors like ball position putting, putter length and stance come into play as well as the setup itself.

• How you grip

For a good setup, you should have a fairly tight grip on the putter, and depending on your dominant hand, the weaker hand’s grip should be lighter. Ensure your fingers rest on the lifeline to give a better handle between the putter’s shaft and your dominant hand.

• Waggle


Waggling before you make the strike allows you to gain some fluidity in your movement. Something that you will need to ensure consistency ball position putting of the position of your shaft. Waggling also reduces tension in both your arms and shoulders as it’s usually hard to go from static position to swinging.

• The stroke

Ensure the dominant hand is cupped at the wrist to set the shaft in a vertical position. This will improve your consistency when striking the ball as well as put the best roll on the ball.


The best golf ball for putting is determined by several features that vary from one golfer’s playing style to another. To get the best golf ball for your putting, you need to identify your playing style to get the best out of your choice of golf balls.