Go Cycle Studio is established by Karen Vega. She worked as a gym instructor for over a decade before she decided to put up her own studio in her hometown in Henderson, Nevada. Although she knows how to work on almost every gym equipment, she decided to focus on just cycling classes. Because of this, she invested on top of the line stationary bikes. This is to ensure that the customers would have the best when they decide to enroll exactly classes.

Being a gym instructor for more than 10 years taught her that people usually get overwhelmed when presented with various gym equipment. Also, they easily get bored especially when they are working out alone. She learned also that making customers work with others motivate them to work harder and hasten the progress of getting the ideal body they need. This is why, instead of giving them spaces to do their things on their own, she decided to conduct classes. She chose biking because this helps develop a lot of aspects in the body starting from the cardiovascular system, the muscles, and also the mind. It is not a hidden fact that any work out can help strengthen not just the body but also the mind. As such, Vega use all of the techniques that she knows so that she can help the people who decide to trust her the best way she can.

So far, her business is doing good. There are many enrollees that really enjoyed the services she provides. From just two classes per day, she has now four. This is being supervised alternately by the skilled trainers that she hired. With the growing demand, Vega is now planning to put up another studio. The tentative place is being considered to be Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information regarding this, please regularly monitor our online bulletin. We regularly post their news regarding the studio. You can also sign up for our newsletter so that you won’t miss it.