Vicky, 25

“I’ve been enrolled in the studio for more than six months now. As far as I’m concerned, they haven’t disappointed me yet when it comes to delivering the high standard of service they promised. Are very attentive especially when it comes to their classes. They make sure to guide their customers when it comes to the proper poster, the proper interval when it comes to pedaling, and the right adjustments for their equipment. No matter the number of the customers, they never fail to double check each and every bike to ensure the safety and security of everyone. They also know to tell them to stop and rest depending on their endurance.”

Marco, 32

“I admit that I was hesitant at first when it comes to joining this cycling classes. I was in doubt that I would be able to lose weight. I preferred coming to the gym because they guarantee better results. How wrong I was! After going for their free trial, I instantly enjoyed the classes. My classmates were really friendly which added to the appeal of the place. Before I know it I was already signing up my name to their classes regularly. I told myself that I would only try for a few days. But things just keep getting better and better every single time. The music was great, the instructors are always very funny, and the whole place was very inviting. Four months after, I am still here and I cannot see myself stopping in attending their classes in the near future.”

Charice, 18

“The facility of this place is on top of the line. Everything is well-maintained including equipment, the shower rooms, and every corner of the place. You won’t hesitate in coming to this place to have your workout. Staff is very friendly, the owner is very accommodating, and your classmates are always fun to be with.”